Blood And Sex Nightmare


Bloody Earth Films 2008

Pleasure Mountain Adult Retreat allows mostly sexual fantasies to be enacted, but wishing for an undead zombie monster to roam the premises is not on most agendas. Amy (Julia M. Morizawa), suffering from mourning over the death of a close family member, takes a trip to the resort with Nick (Andy McGuiness) who is hoping for a little action, but Amy suddenly has visions of gruesome violence. Strange voices, heard only by her, also start to torment her. She may be the only one left after a zombie named Felix Gallo (Tom Thatcher) begins dispatching fellow fantasy revelers on the mountain where he killed himself decades ago, according to caretaker Walter (Dan Petit). Perhaps Amy’s dream has come true.

DVD 165 mins. USA/English

Director Joseph R. Kolbek
Producer Michael Raso; Julien Calderbank
Writer Joseph R. Kolbek

Julia Morizawa: Amy
Andy McGuinness: Nick
Dan Petit: Walter
Niki Notarile: Girl with Pigtails / Model
Anthony Navarino: Role-play Father
Eyez Emcee: Photographer
Matt Deterior: Scared Kid / Counselor
John Mandara: Frat Boy
Scott Morgan: GG Fan
Lily St. Claire: Girl in Intro
Milon Castle: Kid at Front Desk
Jeremiah Bruckart: Punker
Laura Diozzi: Girl at Campfire
Tina Krause: Alicia
Tom Thatcher: Felix Gallo

Edition Details
Distributor Bloody Earth Films
Region 1 NTSC
Release 2008
Screen Ratio Fullscreen (4:3)
Audio Tracks Stereo [English]