"A bit more permanent than online dating"

A couple decided to push the boundries of reality filmmaking by setting up a website and offering depressed and lonely people the chance to become immortalized on film in their last breath.

They were amazed by the sick and demented ways that people wanted to kill themselves. Just as you will be amazed as you try to decide whether these are really amazing special effects or something much, much more disturbing!

Troma (2001) DVD 84 mins. Germany/German

DVD Special Features include:
- Introduction by Lloyd Kaufman
- Weekend of Fear Audio Commentary
- Deleted Scenes
- Video for Purple Pams Kick In The Head
- The world famous Tour of Troma
- Troma Make Your Own Damn Movie
- featurette: The Arm Rip
- Trailers and more Tromatic goodies!

Director: Raoul W. Heimrich
Producer: Raoul W. Heimrich
Writer: Yvonne Wunschel

Engelbert Weiss
Katja Weber
Beatrice Heimrich
Sophie Ch. Rieger
Petra Weintraut
Yvonne De Bark

Edition Details
Distributor: Troma
Release Date: 27-04-2004
Screen Ratio: Fullscreen (4:3)
Subtitles: English
Audio Tracks: Dolby Digital in German