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  • Image of TNT Jackson / Black Godfather (Reg.1)
TNT Jackson / Black Godfather (Reg.1)


TNT Jackson + Black Godfather

Her name is Diana Jackson, but you can call her T.N.T. When T.N.T.'s brother is killed by ruthless drug dealers, the beautiful young karate expert goes to the most dangerous part of Chinatown to find the killer.

In trouble with the law since she was 13, T.N.T. wants no help from the pigs; but she does befriend a Chinaman named Joe, whose impressive martial arts skills prove useful more than once. In her quest for the killer, she'll meet the white drug lord, Sid; Elaine, his bitchy girlfriend; his suspicious Chinese assistant, Ming; and Charlie, his handsome black assistant with criminal ambitions of his own.

Before her search is over, she'll find herself making love to Charlie, trading insults with Elaine, and fighting criminals while nude and in the dark. Just call her T.N.T.

DVD 68 min. 1975 USA/English

Director Cirio H. Santiago; Cirio Santiago
Producer Roger Corman; Cirio H. Santiago
Writer Dick Miller; Ken Metcalfe; Leonard Hermes
A young karate expert searches for her brother's killer in Hong Kong.

Jeannie Bell Diana Jackson
Pat Anderson Elaine
Imelda Ilanan
Joonee Gamboa
Shirley Washington

Edition Details
Region 1; NTSC
Release Date April 25, 2006
Screen Ratio Fullscreen (4:3)
Audio Tracks Stereo [English