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Trailer Town


Troma (2003) DVD 80 min. USA/English

Trailer Town is a unique motion picture experience, truly unlike anything you’ve seen before.

A sexual interpretation of inner violence, about out-of-work comedians living in a trailer park run by a soap opera star. The old comedians cannot work anymore due to their addictions, and come up with the filthiest, most offensive routines they can devise, to strike out at mainstream society, their only audience being themselves.

When Bill recieves an eviction notice for having too many wild parties, he takes to the roof of his trailer with a rifle, and declares he is a victim of an ’aluminum holocaust.

The DVD is hitched with many special features

Special introduction by Lloyd Kaufman
Lloyd Kaufman interviews Trailer Town’s writer, producer, editor, composer, cinematographer and director, Giuseppe Andrews (star of Cabin Fever and Independence Day)
Who Flung Poo?, an early short by Giuseppe Andrews
Web Monkey’s Bananas
Tromatic Trailers and other goodies!

Director: Giuseppe Andrews
Producer: Giuseppe Andrews
Writer: Giuseppe Andrews

Bill Nowlin: Billy Cossacchi
Walt Dongo: Walt Williamson
Bill Tyree: O-Henry

Edition Details
Distributor Troma
Release Date 27-07-2004
Screen Ratio Fullscreen (4:3)
Audio Tracks Dolby Digital Stereo [English]