Sold Out

Seventeen tracks and alternate takes from the Italian cut of Dawn of the Dead, only some of which are heard in the various American cuts of the film.

"L'alba dei morti viventi" is a stately opener, deploying heavy bass and drums, church bell and guitar, while the wobbly and instantly recognizable synth threads its way through a couple of passages here and there. The alternate take offers different instrumentation and a more urgent feel. After the opening fanfares, "Zombi" settles into a catchy cop-show groove, mixing impressively intricate percussion, a groovy bass, and chanting. "Zombi (Sexy)" sounds like something played in a seedy nightclub in the wee hours of the morning, and "Zombi (Supermarket)", which features a very nice Hammond organ, provides a great showcase for the band's tight sound.

"Safari" is a pastiche of tribal drums and chanting. "Torte in faccia" is a jaunty little number that sounds like a silent-movie soundtrack to a day at the beach. "Ai margini della follia" is all electronic weirdness which begins to bear a certain resemblance to "Zombi", due the driving beat that eventually kicks in. The first alternate take of this tune sounds like parts of the original crossed with the treated zombie wails of the very last bonus track, while the second alternate take provides further electronic nuttiness. It's good if you can stand the constant bleeps.

The breezy "Zaratozom" is propulsive electro-rock with plenty of guitar. "La caccia" offers an almost regimental beat and keyboard melody, plus mandolin flourishes that give it a classical feel. Thanks to the use of fiddle, "Tirassegno" has an upbeat and rustic quality. "Oblio" sounds like an offcut from Dark Side of the Moon, complete with saxophone, suitably sparkling guitar, and plaintive piano. "Risveglio" is a slightly discordant piano piece, short and sweet.

If you buy only one Goblin album, we would recommend this one. Imaginatively played and arranged, with a varied 1970s feel, it gives a solid impression of Goblin at their peak. The booklet, which includes a useful Goblin discography and an illustrated selection of other Cinevox titles, rounds out a package that is pretty much essential for soundtrack fans.

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